Government Contract

By creating virtual tours and walkthroughs visitors from all over the nation, and the world, can visit government sites. By embedding content including links, images, PDF maps and files to download, video and more we can create an immersive user experience that allows the tour to educate and even train or prepare the user for a visit. Helping the user to be specially aware of the location they intend to visit, in the end will cut down on potential COVID 19 spread. High resolution images can capture immense detail in 360 degrees panoramas, these better represent historic monuments and structures as well as capturing cultural and natural sites with greater detail. 

JW Photography is committed to capturing accurate representations of traditional photography and 360 photography and virtual tour to capture conditions of cultural and historic sites, monuments, public buildings, schools & universities, and government buildings and hospitals.

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Capabilities Statement

- Virtual tourism, resort and golf
- historic preservation
- corporate offices
- event spaces
- hospitals and medical
- sports facilities

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Our photography team is comprised of five photographers we are always willing to help train and grow up new team members - contact us for internship opportunities! 

Stephanie & Sarah are the primary photographers for weddings. We often shoot events together and will be leading you every step of the way while you plan your event! With two photographers at each event you'll never miss a minute and have many cherished candid moments. 

A pioneer in the field of the 360 photography and 3D virtual tour creation. From capture, conception of the walkthrough and creating each custom icon for the tour we ensure your virtual walkthrough will be a unique product to engage your user.

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