Your flowers will wilt; your cake will get eaten, your dress is worn once;
but your photos last forever...

We cannot wait to help you plan the Best Day Ever for your wedding!

Our primary goal is that you have a stress free day and ENJOY your wedding. 
A few weeks before we have a consultation to set your timeline and coordinate with the other vendors in your wedding.
We make a shots plan with you for your photography, and make sure everyone is getting the pictures they want but we aren't taking pictures no one needs. We love being structured, our family formals often take 45 minutes or less. And when we aren't capturing candid moments or family portraits, we are sure all the decor and detail is captured for you to remember it by.  

We know everyone wants to see your wedding pictures fast - that is why our editing team can get your gallery live ONE WEEK
after your wedding day!



Starting at $2700

Stephanie & Sarah are the primary photographers for weddings. We often shoot events together and will be leading you every step of the way while you plan your event! With two photographers at each event you'll never miss a minute and have many cherished candid moments. 

Hi, I'm Susan!

With your engagement session we set you up with a consultation with Susan our stylist from to help you choose your outfits and create a mood board for your session.
Check out her insta: 


Sarah & Stephanie

We would love to work with you whether to plan your wedding, capture you in studio or on location or 
work with your company to create a virtual experience for your clients. Please let us know what you are looking for

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