cutting edge digital accessibility

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), a set of internationally recognized standards, help make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. We seek to create immersive 3D 360 applications with all content accessible to persons of all abilities. Our methodology allow users to engage in the tour fully and to become spatially aware of spaces. All tours can be created to meet the WCAG AA 2.1 guidelines. 

Our accessible applications allow users with vision, hearing and mobility issues to engage in sites and become spatially aware. Users can navigate and engage in all tour content, and in instances where the site is inaccessible can view areas they wouldn't otherwise see. Users are delivered captions with the Immersive Aria method allowing them to become spatially aware and have confidence in an onsite visit. 

Users can engage in the 3D 360° environment with Immersive Aria, an image description tool developed by our team. The Immersive Aria will give image descriptions, navigation information as well as engagement in tour for all clickable content. The users orientation directs the prompt for the Immersive Aria allowing them to freely navigate the 360° space and preparing them to gain spatial awareness for an on site visit. Our proprietary method of Immersive Aria is patent pending. 
3D objects are also given Immersive Aria image descriptions based on the face of the object. Users can manipulate the model.